COPAL, for several years, exports from Ivory Coast, great quality coconuts. The coconuts selected by Copal have a gustatory value higher than its comptetitors from other continents. . Our plantations are free from pesticides and fertilizers. Our coconuts are suitable for receiving the Organic label (target in December 2015).

A suitable rainfall guarantee a pronounced aroma of the coconuts. We can offer several container a week. We propose 2 types of coconuts « Cocos Nucifera » for our customers :
  • hybrid coconut
  • Goa coconut, also called «Local coconut »
These nuts are available in 40 ' Reefer , with packaging designed to guarantee freshness upon receipt. COPAL nuts are preselected , calibrated and re- selected a second time and then bagged and palletized .(from aesthetic way . ) Why COPAL nuts are they reputable ? Through careful selection of planting nuts Due to the quality of packaging and speed of transport ( 10-12 days transit time). Our quality audits were made since the plantation and when the coconuts entered in our warehouse and are gauged and calibrated by 2 different teams :
  • 1/ The grading service, just after the delivery by trucks, fitted with electronic balances
  • 2/ The potting service, when bagging, just before loading
There is, therefore, a double control of sizes A30, A35, A40, B50 and C60 which insure a very good quality coconut. This ensures, for our customers, to receive coconuts with a long expiration date, a rational package also offering a homogeneous coconuts and avoids sprouted nuts.
It is under the GlobalGAP label, Copal export our coconut, which ensures the quality, traceability and safety of our customers. Copal GGN : 4056186173904
FairTrade :
Our human goal in 2016 is to obtain the FairTrade label thus offering producers a stable income and improved trading conditions. They reduce their impact on the nature and progress to organic farming methods.

The 40 feet Reefer High Cube container are loaded with :
  • 22 pallets containing each 50 to 55 polypropylen bags
  • Each bag contains 30, 35, 40, 50, or 60 coconuts .
  • We propose different sizes : :
    • A30 (830-900 Grs) In bags of 30 Nuts or 25 kgs-26Kgs/ bag
    • A35 (715-830 Grs In bags of 35 Nuts or 25 kgs-26Kgs/ bag
    • A40 (600-700 Grs) In bags of 40 Nuts or 25 kgs-26Kgs/ bag
    • B50 (500-600 Grs) In bags of 50 Nuts or 25 kgs-26Kgs/ bag
    • C60 (400-500 Grs) In bags of 60 Nuts or 25 kgs-26Kgs/ bag
  • A total of 1100 bags per 40’ Reefer container.
  • We can load 5 containers a week.

We adapt to your specific needs : on request, we can deliver pallet , cardboard or bulk to your own needs with all type of calibration. Our selection unit and potting can deliver 5 TC 40 a week.
The documents set up at the vessel departure are :
  • Packing list
  • Form A - Certificate of Origin
  • EUR 1
  • Phytosanitary Certificate
  • Invoice
  • The satisfaction of our customers is our priority.