Copal, also based in Korhogo (northern of Ivory Coast), specializing in Production, Packaging and Exporting varieties of mangoes. Copal offers a selection of Kent and Keitt mangoes, selected and transported by plane and boat.

Kent Keitt

The harvest
Our mangoes are picked with great care in the best orchards.

The Cleaning process At the factory, the mangoes go through the cleaning step to be rid of all impurities.

Sort and Package
Selection and Package At the end of the cleaning process, mangoes are sent to sorting where the best are selected and packed.

The Phytosanitary Control
Ahealth check It is done when mangoes are ready to be loaded.

The Palletizing and loading
When the phytosanitary control is favorable, we proceed to the palletizing, labeling and loading in reefer containers, ready to be deliver at the Port of Abidjan.

According the very precise client specifications, we realize mango cartons gathered in cartons of same origin and variety, same quality, same size and same color. The cardboard box is done according to the number of fruit inside

The storage in the pipeline is done according to fruit size :
Size 6 7 8 9 10
Nb of Fruits 6 7 8 9 10

The pallets:
The pallets are composed of 20 levels of 12 boxes,with 5.440 boxes in a 1x40 'reefer container. We can deliver 1 or 2 x 40’ reefer containers per day, or 100 containers during the crop season, from April to June.