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  • Pineapple “Sweet” or (MD2)
Avion Cayenne Lisse Sweet (MD2)

The pineapple by vessel or airplane is a product for connoisseurs, it is particularly appreciated a demanding French and European clientele, seeking optimal products of great freshness and maturity, for its incomparable taste.

Washing pineapples

Palette air pineapple Smooth Cayenne

Our pineapple by boat and aircraft were selected at the time of optimum ripeness in order to benefit from the characteristic aromas of a good quality product. The commercialization of the fruit occurs within 48 hours of its cut, ensuring freshness, color and maturity. Copal respect a strict specifications set up with the clients. We could offer several container of 40 'HC reefer a week. Number of fruits per carton and fruit weight:
Size Fruit per box Fruits weight
A5 5 > 2,1 kg
A6 6 between 1,7 kg et 2,1 kg
A7 7 between 1,5 kg et 1,7 kg
A8 8 between 1,3 kg et 1,5 kg
A9 9 between 1,1 kg et 1 ,3 kg
B10 10 between 1,0 kg et 1,1 kg
B12 12 between 0,9 kg et 1,0 kg

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